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Heart Healing from Loss

Aug 1, 2022

"Be busy, get busy, stay busy." It's the mantra of life in the US and much of the world, and it's a good short-term fix for grief and loss.

Emphasis on the "short-term." 

Many of us find our feelings of grief are much more acute in the evenings and at night, when the busyness of the day winds down. Suddenly we notice...

Jun 15, 2022

Content warning: Discussion of death by suicide.

How do you show up for a friend who has lost someone to suicide? What do you say? What do you not? Should you bring something? Do something? What should you expect?

Navigating someone else's grief can be a mine field. You don't want to cause further pain, but not doing...

Apr 12, 2022

The grief around ending a relationship may not be about losing the person, it can also include disappointment from the loss of dreams, hopes, and expectations. 

There’s nothing wrong with feeling sad about that loss as well, but not understanding the roots of feelings of grief can make it harder to move on.

In this...

Mar 28, 2022

Just as there are many different kinds of loss, there are many different definitions of "family." And though your family may not look like anyone else's, the losses you experience are valid.

In this episode, Grief Coach Wendy Sloneker talks about what constitutes loss while creating a family, however you define...

Mar 14, 2022

When someone you know is going through painful emotions, our urge is to do something to take the pain away.

Our intentions are good, but the execution can cause more pain than comfort. 

In this episode, Grief Coach Wendy Sloneker helps us find some better alternatives based around listening from the heart, rather than...